Residential Surveys


The original firm of W.G. Edwards was established in 1947 and we have been surveying residential property ever since. We will inspect all parts of a house or flat with a twelve-foot ladder, including a limited assessment of the age and condition of the service plant.

We can usually survey a property within one week of instruction. We will report back verbally on the day of inspection and provide a written report within five working days. Our reports include photographs and costs of repair. If required we will attend a meeting to illustrate our findings and advise on savings in the purchase price.

You may care to contact us through a website at Local Surveyors Direct where you will see a fixed price for a survey and details of the advice given.

We liaise with Estate Agents and valuers to minimise the time frame and limit the anxiety often associated with a house purchase.

It is a surprising fact that less than 30% of house purchasers bother to have a survey. Valuation surveys are inadequate for a purchaser’s requirements since they are only designed to ensure that the lender’s investment is protected.

Homebuyers Reports are of only limited extent and value, designed primarily for modern basic forms of house construction.

If you propose to embark on possibly the greatest financial commitment of your life, why skimp on obtaining detailed advice on the condition of your investment?