Project Management


The service we provide covers every aspect of building design and construction.

We will provide initial advice regarding the possibility of planning approval, suitability of design to meet your needs, likely cost, competent and trustworthy contractors and overall time scales.

The first stage is to sit and discuss your needs and resources. This feasibility exercise is essential to establish the parameters of the scheme. We will then prepare drawings for planning approval, detailed specifications of the work to comply with Building Regulations and cost assessments.

On receipt of tenders, we provide a detailed analysis of figures and advice on the best choice of contractors. The work is then supervised to ensure compliance with design, quality of workmanship and careful control of cost.

There are various methods of procuring a contract.

  • Management fee separates the cost of running the project from the actual cost of labour and materials.
  • Cost Plus establishes rates of return for each trade and then the amount of work involved.

These processes can be employed when a client is keen to commence work but does not know its full extent.

Competitive tender methods are mainly used in domestic work.

The surveyors at W.G. Edwards have managed contracts as varied as the refurbishment of the Palace of Westminster and the Law Courts, the construction of houses, pavilions, sports centres, crematoria, flats and offices, the refurbishment of factories and the development of marinas.

Whether your proposed expenditure is ten thousand pounds or ten million we will ensure that you get the best value for money, on time and on-budget.