Building Construction, Maintenance & Repair


We cannot overemphasise the importance of a properly prepared set of documents prior to obtaining prices and carrying out building work.

Whether your intention is to construct a new house or commercial building, to embark on a programme of repair or to alter the property you own, your interest is best protected by having a comprehensive set of drawings and a detailed specification.

Without these documents, upon which the contractor can provide an accurate price, you will be unable to properly control both the cost and the timescale of your project. All too often we are asked to take over control of a building contract when things have gone wrong, progress is slow or non-existent, and costs are going through the roof.

At W G Edwards we can prepare drawings and submit applications for Planning Permission and obtain Building Regulations Approval.

We can produce detailed designs, comprehensive cost estimates and itemised specifications from which accurate tenders can be obtained.

Our experience is extensive. We have designed, altered, maintained and repaired all types of property ranging from the most famous public buildings, through some of the oldest period buildings, to the most standard and basic of residential properties.

Whatever the nature of your project, we will give you comprehensive advice as to how to proceed. Initial advice is provided free.